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Fluid dynamics and thermal simulations of building spaces, heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Solar Heating and Wind Cooling Simulation in London and in Dubai

Challenging to imagine now, looking at the horizontal rain outside, that solar heating and wind cooling simulations will ever be relevant in London. But the truth is that weather and comfort simulation together with shading design are all important aspects of modern urban planning. In countries with warmer climate than the UK, it is essential to include surface temperature of structures in the des...
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Thermal Comfort Analysis of an Office

Thermal comfort analysis of an office is not much different from simulating the ventilation system of a car park. What puts these analyses into a different perspective is the need for determining occupant comfort. Cars do not complain about draught and cold feet, do they? A comfort analysis is especially important if the office floor takes many occupants. I have seen layouts where hundreds of peop...
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Outdoor Condenser Plant Environmental CFD Simulation

As detailed in one of our case studies, a data centre CFD simulation project provides interesting fluid dynamics and thermal design challenges. The data hall however is not the only part of the critical infrastructure that needs heat transfer analysis. Cooling of the server and battery room requires an outdoor condenser plant. As this is exposed to elements, the environment influences its cooling ...
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Data Centre CFD Simulation

Data centres are serving almost every aspect of our lives. No social media or online meeting without them. As some refurbished industrial units house computing facilities instead of say machine shops it even affects the building industry. But jamming racks and coolers into a building that was not designed from the ground up for this has risks. These risks can expand to the external environment of ...
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Car park ventilation CFD simulation: Age of air can show what air changes per hour cannot

When car park ventilation systems are designed, building regulations in the UK set two major requirements. The designer should provide at least 2.5% of the floor area as free opening. The designer also should choose a mechanical ventilation system that is capable of at least 3 air changes per hour. A car park ventilation CFD simulation could reveal however that apart from the regulation numbers th...
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Louvre simulation vs. test data: a crusade to find the missing pressure loss

When doing CFD simulations of industrial machinery, sometimes a furnace or a casting machine smoke extraction system never come to life due to changes in project budget or focus. Unfortunately in these cases you cannot get feedback about the accuracy of the CFD results as you have no measured data to compare with. For building elements like louvres, this is rarely the case. Especially if the louvr...
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Architectural Louvre Performance Simulation

Architectural louvre performance simulation
Modern day comfort like temperature and humidity control in buildings require high-tech heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) machinery. As rain and sand are regular additives to air, HVAC engineers use louvres to keep the unwanted bits out. To help HVAC engineers we have worked out a louvre performance simulation method that can predict the most important features of this building elem...
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