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Industrial Machinery CFD

CFD Engineering UK are specialised in industrial machinery CFD simulations.

Solving fluid flow and heat transfer problems of industrial equipment and special machinery are at the heart of our consulting practice. However, these projects are tough in terms of geometry and physics. Every case is different and we have 25+ years of mechanical engineering experience to provide clients with the solutions they need.

Some of the simulation projects completed:

velocity results of an industrial equipment CFD simulation

CFD simulations help industrial companies build better products

Many of our clients from the manufacturing and heavy industries do not use CFD simulations to support and improve their production processes even though they have a CFD department as part of their engineering simulation team. For example, we have completed several projects for the largest engine part production and assembly plant in the world.

The plant housed a CFD team but those engineers were involved with analysing under-bonnet air flows and exhaust systems. Optimising high pressure air usage of production equipment was not their expertise. It has been ours.

In summary poor workspace air quality, inefficient casting cooling lines, uneven temperature in heat treating furnaces or autoclaves are just some of the problems CFD Engineering UK have experience in solving.

For more details on our industrial machinery CFD consulting services and how CFD Engineering UK can help you with your fluid dynamics problems, please send an email to office@cfdengineering.co.uk.