• Simulation of Vacuum Cleaning of Machined Cylinder Heads
    Saves energy and increases cleaning reliability
    at the largest engine manufacturing plant in the world
  • Simulation of Heat Treatment of Automotive Castings
    Ensures even temperature disribution
    of castings or composite parts
  • Simulation of Liquid Quench Tanks
    Improved Cooling with Less Energy Used
  • Simulation of Controlled Cooling of Automotive Castings
    Castings cooled immediately after leaving die to increase
    mechanical properties without further heat treatment
  • CPC Cell Simulation
    With CFD simulations we doubled throughput of a
    Centrifugal Partition Chromatography machine

We help industrial companies make better products
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Use our CFD consulting services because

<strong>Use our CFD consulting services because</strong>
  • we make you money by getting your product or machinery work better.

  • we save you money by reducing the number of prototypes needed to prove a new concept.

  • we save you time by eliminating the try-and-error approach in your product development.

  • we eliminate the risk that comes when you have to choose between different designs or geometry versions.

  • we eliminate the risk of whether your product will comply with customer requirements or not.

  • we guarantee that we will work with you till your problem is completely solved.


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