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Electronics Cooling CFD

CFD Engineering UK can help with thermal management of electronic devices by using electronics CFD simulations.

We started helping solve thermal management problems of LED lights back in 2012 with electronics cooling CFD simulation. Electronics design can greatly benefit from fluid dynamics simulations as with advancing technology size of power electronics is getting smaller.

Some of the simulation projects completed:

Results of electronics CFD simulation
  • Comparison and optimisation of LED light heat sink designs,
  • Bespoke, high performance electronic filter in casings filled with heat conducting resin,

Electronics cooling CFD simulation making positive impact on design

Electronics designers are able to build such computing performance into compact packages that were not possible even in a few years ago. Just imagine that there are complete, fully functional computers using standard CPUs not larger than a 10mm thick business card. As a result good thermal management is becoming increasingly important. This is where we can help.

Not only electronic components can be a subject to CFD simulation in a device that people usually think of something as electronic. A smoke detector is a good example. Sure it is full of electronics, but heat generation of components is not the main focus here. The way hot gases enter the detector is. When analysing gas flow behaviour into and in the sensor chamber CFD Engineering UK could pinpoint locations where there was room for improvement.

As a result of our work designers made changes to the internal shapes of the detector. According to physical tests not only detection accuracy and detection time improved but changes solved detection software challenges as well.

For more details on our electronics cooling CFD consulting services and how CFD Engineering UK can help you with your fluid dynamics problems, please send an email to office@cfdengineering.co.uk.