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Our Purpose

Purpose, key values and story of CFD Engineering UK

Our purpose is to help industrial companies make better products by solving fluid dynamics problems with CFD simulation.

Our Key Values

Solid Reputation We believe it is the most valuable asset of our company. We have been building our reputation as consultants since 2006. Earning and keeping clients’ and partner companies’ trust takes continuous effort. Returning customers and long lasting partnerships are true signs of what we do and how we do it provide value. This is what earning a solid reputation means to us.
Flexibility We prefer well defined project briefs but sometimes not everything can be set in stone before the work starts. As the project evolves new aspects of the problem could come up that we need to investige. And we do it keeping in my that the client has a fluid dynamics challenge and they need our help to solve it. Even if solving the problem stretches the boundaries of the project brief. Being a small and agile business, we can make such decisionsĀ  quickly. This is what flexibilty means to us.
Precision We are mechanical engineers solving computational fluid dynamics (CFD) problems. This is where the name CFD Engineering comes from actually. Before starting a job we research the subject. We study all the necessary theoretical background information to make sure every aspect of the problem is investigated. If the project brief is work in progress and client asks us to to provide information to make it complete, we find that information and support our findings with scientific references. Then we solve problem with care and resposibilty. This is what precision means to us.

Our Story

Flow Computing Technologies (FCT) Ltd, which is the company behind CFD Engineering UKĀ  was founded in 2012 as an engineering consultancy company focusing on solving complex fluid flow and heat transfer problems. Our vast library of Case Studies contains some of the projects we have solved.

In 2017 FCT Ltd. started a new mission besides pursuing the aim to become the best and best known CFD consultancy in the UK.

We provide unique personal supercomputing solutions to help professionals overcome their hardware limits.

We believe that professional users (engineers, software developers, video editors, CGI/VFX artists) every day face the challenge of reaching limits of their computing power with their workstation class desktop or laptop computers. Just like we did when running our CFD simulations.

This is why over the past few years FCT Ltd had developed and patented a personal supercomputer hardware. It is made of four workstation-class computers put in an innovative casing which is comparable in size with a regular computer. Our DEXTER personal supercomputers are easy to customise, powerful and quiet. Check out our DEXTER Personal Supercomputers for more.