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Building Construction CFD

CFD Engineering UK have vast experience in building CFD simulation.

We believe architecture and building construction can greatly benefit from fluid dynamics simulations. Our team has years of experience in testing performance of building elements like louvres, extraction hoods and supply air grilles. Also worked on car park projects where ventilation parameters like Air Changes per Hour (ACH) needed checking.

Some of the simulation projects completed:

Louvre aerodynamic performance analysis is one of the building CFD applications
  • Undercroft car park ventilation system analysis to determine normal and smoke evacuation ACH distribution,
  • Pressure loss simulation and loss reduction of a bespoke louvre used in the plant room of a signature office building in London,

CFD simulation making positive impact on building design

CFD for architecture and the built environment have positive impact on how residential and commercial buildins are designed. Especially bespoke internal features require CFD because standard ventilation systems recommended by Approved Documents may not fulfill design needs.

It happens regularly that architects design a facade that can not meet the pressure loss requirement of the ventilation system. Several aesthetic layers in front of a heat pump intake on the facade sometimes prove to be too much. Brick facades are getting popular again to hide unsightly but necessary building elements. A mechanical design coordinator’s hunch that pressure loss of an intake through layers of mesh and brick may be a bit too much usually proves right.

Instead of prototypes that are slow and costly to build and measure our clients have our standardised CFD simulation methods to help them. If the project requires we pull a computational test rig from our database that recreates the equipment used to measure work pieces at BSRIA.

For more details on our building CFD consulting services and how CFD Engineering UK can help you with your fluid dynamics problems, please send an email to office@cfdengineering.co.uk.