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Aerospace and Defence CFD

CFD Engineering UK have completed several aerospace CFD projects successfully.

Complete aircraft and other special machinery were simulated in the subsonic and transonic velocity region. In these projects we usually cooperate with FEA simulation and stress analysis experts. Our job is to supply aerodynamic loads to their simulations.

Some of the aerospace CFD simulation projects completed:

  • Ground effect analysis and aerodynamic load calculation of special machinery in the transonic velocity region,
  • Aerodynamic load simulation of objects in the subsonic velocity region for a range of angle of attack and side slip values.

Strict workflow to fit industry regulations

Aerospace and defence CFD simulation projects consist of several stages to reflect the evolution of the design. These start with a preliminary stage where our job is to deliver results in a reasonably short time frame. In this stage we also do our literature research to find any reference on the aerodynamic behaviour of the object.

In case client requires us to further detail flight parameters, we do it at this point. For example, a client did not have side slip data available for an object. They asked us to recommend a range and so we did based on extensive literature research.

The object design may be in the preliminary stage but the CFD analysis still has to deliver good results from the beginning. Regardless of the design stage, we create a CFD mesh that results a stable and converged simulation run. Even at this point mesh can have 10+ million elements.

Aero loads supplied with structural FEA requirements in mind

Results of the aerospace CFD simulations are pressure and viscosity induced forces. We often deliver aerodynamic force results at required fuselage stations or at surfaces of the object. Also possible to export the pressure field from our CFD code in a format that FEA software tools can map on their meshes. Together with the resulst we supply a project report in which we include all data necessary to recreate the simulation. This way any third party or authority can make sure high standards and proper procedures are maintained.

For more details on our aersopace CFD consulting services and how CFD Engineering UK can help you with your fluid dynamics problems, please send an email to office@cfdengineering.co.uk.