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Flow Computing Technologies Ltd

The purpose of our website is to present clear, user-focused information on Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations and related subjects.

1, We only publish original, useful content.

2, Whenever we use data that are not our own, we state the exact reference these data are from. As an example we may use data from external sources to summarize the current state of technology on a specific subject we are publishing content about. Similarly to a scientific paper that cites data from published research.

3, Due to the nature of our business, information on our website are intended to readers working in the industrial sectors we serve. We do everything we can to keep our content free from being overly technical. But sometimes these technical terms are necessary for the description of the subject we are writing about.

4, We intend to use the simplest language content and subject allows. Our aim is to write in a clear language because we believe this is the fastest way to provide useful information about what we can help you with.

5, On our website we use images, graphics to complement written information. These images are our own except when stated and referenced.

6, We aim to use a clear styling which is in line with the colour scheme of our brand.