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Corrections Policy

Corrections Policy

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Flow Computing Technologies Ltd

1, Responsibility for the content and accuracy of the technical documentation serving as a basis for the task definition, as well as responsibility for its compliance with applicable statutes and requirements shall be assumed by the Customer.

2, If any possible fault of the analysis can be attributed to such causes, then Flow Computing Technologies Ltd (Service Provider) shall not be obliged to review and revise the findings under any warranty.

3, Responsibility for a correct definition of the task to be performed shall be assumed by the Customer. Requesting new partial tasks after the relevant order has already been confirmed shall constitute the object of a new request for proposal.

4, Any complaints will only be accepted for reviewing, within 3 days of delivery, if such complaints are submitted in writing and are properly substantiated by the justifying technical content.

5, On the basis of such accepted complaints, Service Provider shall be entitled to review the justifying technical content and, if needed, to modify data used for completing simulation service without any reduction of the agreed remuneration.

6, For modifications performed on the basis of complaints recognized as justified, Service Provider shall not charge any additional remuneration.

7, In case Service Provider do not receive written complaint regarding a delivered service within 3 workign days, Service Provider presumes the Customer acknowledges the service as delivered and contract work as fulfilled.