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Terms of Use

 Terms of Use

1, Contents presented at the www.cfdengineering.co.uk website (including in particular but not limited to articles, case studies, utilization and application examples, other writings, videos, structure of the videos, audio recordings, graphics, slogans, text elements, including this text) shall be deemed as creative works of the authors there indicated and shall be subject to copyright protection. With respect to such creative works, all exploitation rights of any nature shall be held by Flow Computing Technologies Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “Rightholder”).

2, Individuals may use the website’s contents for the purpose of gaining knowledge and information.

3, Visitors to the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Users”) shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms of Use by visiting the website.

4, Any other uses of the website’s contents (including in particular but not limited to the cases of reproduction in part or in whole; adaptation; gaining business profits; presenting such contents as own contents to clients of business organizations, enterprises or private entrepreneurs; distribution; and public lectures) shall be permitted by the Rightholder as follows.

5, Utilization fee shall be GBP 200,- per day and per content element, which amount shall not include value-added tax as applicable from time to time. Such utilization fee shall be due to the Rightholder for each and every day of use commenced and for each and every content element used. If Users make the content used available to others for a consideration, then Users shall cede the pecuniary benefits so gained to the Rightholder.

6, Users shall notify the Rightholder in writing of the fact and the scope of the utilization (content elements used, duration and mode of use). The Rightholder reserves the right to revoke the utilization permit.

7, The Rightholder shall issue an invoice on the utilization fee subsequently, as of the last workday of the month under consideration; and such invoices shall be settled by remittance within 8 banking workdays. Failure to submit a notification of the fact and scope of the utilization shall not prevent the issuance of the relevant invoice.

8, Any terms of use other than the Terms of Use stipulated above may only be applicable on the basis of a prior written agreement to be concluded with the Rightholder.

9, In the event of non-compliance with these Terms of Use or in the case of any unauthorized utilization, the Rightholder will make use of all available means and remedies in order to assert its rights.

10, Credit assessment of the Customer shall commence from the time of establishing a contact. We reserve the right to change the terms of payment set forth in the Agreement for the Provision of Services, especially in the case of receiving any information in the course of the Customer’s credit assessment which may substantially influence the settlement of the invoice to be issued.

11, No responsibility is assumed by the Rightholder for any direct or indirect damage arising from any utilization of the website. Any tips, ideas, concepts or suggestions presented at the website may only be used by anyone on their own responsibility.