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CFD simulations of electronic devices

Data Centre CFD Simulation

Data centres are serving almost every aspect of our lives. No social media or online meeting without them. As some refurbished industrial units house computing facilities instead of say machine shops it even affects the building industry. But jamming racks and coolers into a building that was not designed from the ground up for this has risks. These risks can expand to the external environment of ...
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CFD Simulation of Power Electronics | Video | Part 2

You may well remember from the previous episode of the servo motor electronics CFD simulation that we had a small vertical pcb card with two silicon chips, which were feeling quite hot under the casing. These chips nearly reached the blazing 90°C when the ideal would be 60 or below. I had to do something to reduce their temperature. The original design criteria stated that no fans to be used due t...
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Thermal Simulation of a Servo Motor Electronic Controller with Video – Part 1.

When thinking about electronics, all of us would mention computers, mobile devices or electric cars. However, from electronics thermal simulation viewpoint there are some really nice examples among industrial applications as well. The subject of this application example comes from a medical imaging machine. Its job is to control several servo motors of the patient table. It works in a closed compa...
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