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CFD Consulting Services

Offering CFD consulting services to solve fluid flow and heat transfer problems of industrial and special machinery, production processes and electronic devices with fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation.

Using our CFD consulting services and relying on our fluid dynamics simulation and mechanical engineering expertise our clients can solve problems that are overshadowing their core activity.

CFD consulting services for industrial machinery and electronic devices

Clients use our CFD consulting services because

  • our cfd engineers solve their production critical fluid dynamics problems efficiently while production support engineers and maintenance professionals can focus on their core activity.
  • they can examine and improve the operation of machinery that cannot turn off to experiment with. Think about a glass melting furnace having an athmosphere of 1400°C flue gas. How could you collect accurate, 3-Dimensional velocity, pressure and temperature data on any other way?
  • we can show how small or fast moving machinery work. A chromatography machine has reaction chambers of 1.75 mm in diameter and 40 mm in length. These chambers spin with 1200 RPM. There is no other way to examine this chemical production process so fast and with such deep insight than using CFD simulation technology.
  • we can analyse production critical machinery with a series of CFD simulations way before its completion. Concepts, fan sizes, pressure drops, volumetric flow rates and product temperatures can be calculated. Clients have the possibility to review specifications before giving green light to a supplier’s concept.
  • they could meet increasing product quality requirements, like higher mechanical properties of aluminium castings by improving efficiency of existing machinery. By using our fluid dynamics simulation services clients can examine areas of potential devepoment. Thus they can avoid investing into completely new machinery.

If you would like to know more or you think our CFD Consulting services could help you solve your fluid dynamics problems, please send us an email to office@cfdengineering.co.uk


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