• You spend hours and hours with repairing the geometry you got from someone else, patching surfaces, cleaning slivers and unintentional vertices instead of running simulations on many versions of the product and compare them.
  • Wrapping a large geometry - like an engine bay of a digger for underhood airflow simulation - is impossible because of the size and complexity.
  • You have the proper, clean geometry (most probably because you did it for yourself) but creating a mesh is slow and full of tedious work.
  • The mesh contains just a few million elements/cells but it takes all of your RAM of your workstation.
  • Applying boundary conditions is complicated, you need to go through as many windows as there are on a baroque castle.
  • While running the solver you are interested in the convergence of one parameter, for example static pressure on inlet. You cannot make the solver stop based on the convergence of this inlet pressure only but you have to wait for the residuals to converge. With this you loose a lot of CPU time.
  • You finally have the versions finished and want to compare results visually but you would need two of the basic/seat licenses to put two results files on the screen. If you want to compare four, then you need four licenses. So you wait or do something else until your colleague logs out and then you can take that license too.
  • You have finished a project and you need to make the report in Word and Power Point but you need to do it manually by making screenshots and paste them that takes a lot of time and to be honest it is not a big fun for the creative mind of an engineer.
  • At the top of all that, from one year to the other the same CFD seats cost 25% more just because your current CFD vendor decides so and you are exposed to its pricing policy since it is your only supplier.
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Marcus Prinz
General Manager
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