• Simulation of Vacuum Cleaning of Machined Cylinder Head
    Saves energy and increases cleaning reliability
    at the largest engine manufacturing plant in the world
  • Simulation of Heat Treating of Automotive Castings
    Ensures even temperature disribution
    of castings or composite parts
  • Simulation of Liquid Quench Tanks
    Improved Cooling with Less Energy Used
  • Simulation of Controlled Cooling of Automotive Castings
    Castings cooled immediately after leaving die to increase
    mechanical properties without further heat treatment
  • CPC Cell Simulation
    With CFD simulations we doubled throughput of a
    Centrifugal Partition Chromatography machine

Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Industrial Machinery and Production Processes

Why Work with Us?

Why Work with Us?
  • Specialised in solving the fluid dynamics problems which come with maintaining and improving industrial machinery and with developing production processes,

  • We understand the language of production and maintenance engineers and the challenges they face when running a production line,

  • We have 20 years of mechanical engineering experience, we are at home in foundries, engine assembly plants, chemical factories, power plants,

  • We have 10+ years of fluid dynamics simulation expereince, which includes CAD geometry preparation, meshing, running several types of solver algorithms on cluster computers,

  • We solve fluid dynamics problems with precision and creativity.