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CFD simulation and mechanical design of an innovative air curtain device for doorless entrances of large buildings

CFD Engineering UK references
“Over the past two years, having met with Robert on numerous occasions, and having him facing a few design technology challenges, both physical and virtual, I can categorically state that he has surpassed my best expectations of CFD engineering services. He has the persistance and determination required in proving by innovative countermeasures and is excellent in his presentations and in-depth explanations.” – Richard Maris, Engineering Director, M.I.E. Enterprises


CFD simulation of seawater intake hoses for floating oil & gas processing plants

“…Flow Computing Technologies is working extremely precise and with high flexibility. Our orders find immediate attention and are executed very fast. Therefore, FCT became one of our favourite service partners…” – Marcus Prinz, IFS Global Business & Sales Manager SWI, Continental – Division ContiTech



CFD simulation of industrial machinery for aluminium cylinder head production

“… Our company currently employing 850 people produces 2-2.5 million high-tech aluminium cylinder heads in a year for OEMs like General Motors, BMW, Renault and Audi. … Key strengths of Flow Computing Technologies are flexibility and customer focus. Engineering knowhow connected with extensive experience also must be emphasized. With its service quality Flow Computing Technologies has earned trust of both management and engineers of our company…” – David Toth, managing director, NEMAK Gyor Aluminium Foundry Ltd.

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